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Frame-panel houses

Panel frame houses

This technology allows work to be done quickly, optimally utilizes personnel and is minimally influenced by natural conditions. Construction of a frame house - prompt production in the workshop and quick assembly on the plot.

Projects of frame houses are prepared by experienced architects. All the elements of the house in the project are made of panels - exterior and interior walls, ceilings, roof, balconies, terraces, etc. When manufacturing panels in the workshop, we ensure the accuracy of the elements and the quality of assembly - the whole process takes place in a dry room, materials and people are not affected by adverse weather conditions. The elements are produced with the greatest possible finish so that only minimal work remains on the construction site - gluing the films and covering the joining points of the panels with facade decoration.

The panels we produce are environmentally friendly and have their own technological features - they are made of a wooden frame filled with stone wool. Depending on the type of panel (external wall, roof or overlay), additional materials are added - vertical and horizontal points, anti-wind board, OSB, floor boards, roof or facade decoration, etc.

Panel frame houses are extremely competitive in terms of price in the market. We aim to have the house built and assembled as quickly as possible. We are focused on the highest quality. The price of each project depends on the individual wishes of the customer, the chosen materials, and the type of finish.