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Modular house – when you want a house, but not the constructions.

Frequently asked questions

Modular houses are built in a factory setting, with components constructed off-site and then transported to the customer’s location for assembly. This differs from traditional construction, where the entire home is built on-site. Modular construction is faster as it avoids wet construction work such as e.g. plastering, puttying, etc. In addition, the supply of materials is optimally managed, everything is done by one experienced team of craftsmen. A minimal amount of construction waste remains.

Modular construction is faster because several processes take place in parallel - the assembly of the house's components takes place in the factory, while the foundations can be laid. This parallel process significantly reduces build time compared to traditional build sequencing. Also, modular construction is faster as it avoids wet construction work such as e.g. plastering, plastering.

If there is good compacted soil on the plot, then the house can be placed on concrete pavers. Another method - pole foundations. If strip foundations are preferred - the foundations are installed within perimeter. The latter case is chosen when the house is registered as a residential building. Finally the fastest option is screw foundations.

In remote plots of land, where there are no engineering facilities (off grid scenario), modular houses are designed taking into account the self-sufficiency of all resources. In such modular houses, we use renewable energy sources - solar panels, water collection systems and various sewage and waste management solutions. This is how we ensure that even in areas without traditional utility services, you can live independently, sustainably and ecologically in our modular homes.

While it's technically possible to move a modular house, it's not a common practice. It is ideal to foresee such an option already when building a house on the plot and to choose the most suitable installation methods, anticipating an easy relocation in the future. Also, it is important that the transportation of the modular house will require costs for logistics and certain additional construction works (facade or interior wall decoration).

From architects and foundations to transportation and installation of solar panels - we know exactly what modular homes require. We have long-term partners who are well versed in these jobs - so we can take care of all your projects from start to finish.

Keep dreaming – we’ll build it for you

Modular homes are carefully designed and constructed with the client's current and future needs in mind.

Our well-developed process of construction in the factory enables efficient work and guarantees quality.

We can optimize the work flow, personnel and material supply.

Finally modular construction is the way to minimize CO2 footprint, other waste, and thus our impact on the environment.

Modular residential houses, commercial or other purpose buildings guarantee a balanced price-quality ratio.


Economic advantage

Centralized materials order, minimum material balances, optimally employed personnel

Construction site in the factory

Only final 5% of the works are on the customer’s land plot - final assembly and network connection


We choose only ecological building materials.

2x faster

Work organization is twice as fast as in traditional construction

Independent of climate and nature conditions

Construction works can take place all year round, regardless of the natural conditions.

Clean construction

Construction works are done at the factory - the plot does not become a construction site, there is no noise, no mess